An interesting book?

A book you might be interested in, read the letter below for details.

 Dear Caroline,

Please can I draw your, and your members, attention my latest book that is now available?

They Turned Out So Ill! deals with the Independent Companies of Foreigners – Frenchmen who had deserted their armies in Spain and Portugal and enlisted in the British Army in the latter stages of the Napoleonic Wars.

These units were formed and trained at Lymington, some served in America (where their actions remain controversial) and others remained. The book deals with the development and operation of the Foreign Depot in the town as well as these companies. Although they were not in Lymington long these Frenchmen made a mark with riot, murder and more.

The book is the result of extensive research in archives here, in France and the USA as well as secondary sources.

It is directly available from the printers:

It can also be bought via the Amazon or Great British Bookshop sites.

Sorry for this sales pitch but after having contact with you during the research I am confident that it will be of interest. Please let me know if you need any further information or if there is anything I can help you with.

Kind regards

Alistair Nichols

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