Research Grants


The Lymington and District Historical Society (hereafter the Society) is keen to encourage further research and investigations into local and regional history in the Lymington and south-west Hampshire areas. In pursuit of this aim the Society is prepared to offer a cash grant up to a maximum of £500 to an individual or team of individuals prepared to submit a suitable research scheme.

The award will be made by the committee of the Society in concert with any co-opted academically qualified person(s), if that is felt necessary. The decision of the committee, made in accordance with the rules and guidance specified below, will be final and binding. Applications should be made to the chairman by email:

Free professional advice, if requested, will be given to any individual or group in advance of any consideration for an award. Advice, if requested, may be offered throughout the duration of any project.

The award is aimed primarily at projects involving original research and it is anticipated that primary source* material will play a prominent role in any submitted scheme.

Following discussion with any applicant a maximum time limit will be set for the completion of the work, subject to adjustment for unforeseen circumstances.

Normally, the grant will be available only to members of the Society but non-membership should not be taken as a bar to applications being submitted.

The Society will have the right to oversee the progress of the project in agreement with the grantee.

On completion of the project the work will be submitted to the Society but will remain wholly in the copyright of the applicant. Advice on subsequent or possible publication of the completed work will be given on request.

*Note: primary sources include manuscript documents, primary printed sources, contemporary newspapers and journals and illustrative material (e.g. prints, photographs, maps, engravings).


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