Top Twenty Books on Lymington

1 Old Times revisited in the Parish and Borough of Lymington Edward King
Pub: 1879 [2nd Edition reprinted 1976]The original standard work on the history of Lymington dating from 1879; provides the source material for much of modern study dating from 1900.
2 Lymington Index Arthur Lloyd [Index and Bibliography to Old Times revisited]
Pub: Buckland Trust 1992Comprehensive index and bibliography to both Old Times revisited and A Walk though Lymington.
3 History of Lymington C P Jones
Pub:  Chas T King of Lymington 1930A standard work on the history of Lymington dating from 1930
4 A Walk though Lymington Edward King
Pub: Ensign Publications 1972 [2nd Revised Edition 1990]A more modern work on the history of Lymington, based on Old Times revisited and updated in 1990 by David and Janet Irvine.
5 Lymington: An Illustrated history Jude James
Pub: Dovecote Press 2007The current standard work on the history of Lymington – a vade mecum.
6 The Story of Lymington Robert Coles
Pub: Local Heritage Books 1983A brief history of Lymington: its people and events. Quick and easy.
7 Lymington: A Pictorial Past Brian J Down
Pub: 1991A wide-ranging review, in words and pictures, of 74 ‘episodes’ of Lymington’s past.
8 Lymington High Street Then and Now Robert Coles
Pub: Brown & Son 1984The occupants of Lymington’s High Street, tracked from 1840 to 1984; with old photographs and equivalent modern line drawings.
9 Then and Now: Lymington and Pennington Brian J Down
Pub: 2003Comparative collection of old pictures and modern views.
10 Lymington through Time Jude James and Roland Stott
Pub: Amberly Publishing 2012Comprehensive illustrated history, based on old pictures and comparative modern equivalents in colour.
11 Lymington in old picture postcards Brian J Down
Pub: European Library 1985Lymington in old picture postcards: with commentaries.
12 An Album of Old Lymington and Milford on Sea Chris Hobby
Pub: Ensign Publications 1989Old Lymington and Milford on Sea in old picture postcards: with commentaries.
13 Lymington: A History & Celebration Jude James
Pub: Francis Frith Collection 2005Another comprehensive illustrated history of Lymington by Jude James, using historical photographs from the Francis Frith Collection together with additional modern photographs from the author.
14 So you think you know? Lymington
: Francis Frith Collection 2005A fun quiz book! A treasure trove of local facts and trivia, using historical photographs from the Francis Frith Collection.
15 The River is within us: A Maritime History of Lymington Jean Chitty
Pub: Belhaven 1983A thematic maritime history of Lymington, including oral testimony from a hundred local characters and personalia.
16 Lymington – steeped in history Brian J Down
Pub: Buckland Trust 1989Colour photographs and historical snippets; some interesting commercial advertisements.
17 The Salterns of the Lymington Area Arthur Lloyd
Pub: Buckland Trust 1996A history of coastal salt production in the Lymington area from Domesday onwards.
18 The Church in Lymington Charles Bostock and Edward Hapgood
Pub:  Chas T King of Lymington  1930Ecclesiastical history of Lymington Church and All Saints.  Research from Old Times revisited and other sources.
19 The Hand-Book for the Town of Lymington
Pub: R.King of Lymington 1849Rare early Town Guide to Lymington including a map of the environs of the town and Forest.
20 Wellworthy – The first fifty years
Privately Published: Wellworthy 1969Company history, detailing the growth of Wellworthy from its humble foundation in 1919.
 The above ‘Top Twenty Books on Lymington’ is the personal choice of Ray Mayes – a member of the Society.

Copies may be available in the Lymington Library, The Christopher Tower Reference Library in
Lyndhurst, or in personal collections. Some of the books may be long out of print.  July 2017.

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Historical leaflets on Lymington

1 Historic Lymington Town Trails: Salt, Smuggling, Shipbuilding, Sailing Ray Mayes and Alan Rowe
Pub: Lymington & Pennington Town Council 2013

Three walking trails providing an introduction to historic Lymington; with text, mapping and artwork.

2 Lymington Blue Plaque Trail Ray Mayes and Alan Rowe
Pub:  Lymington Rotary Club 2014

Walking trail following the 13 Blue Plaques around Lymington (from the Town Quay to Stanford Road), commemorating sites of historical interest; with text, mapping and artwork.