Reflections on local history

Architectural Curiosity: Lymington’s Wavy-Walls
Architecture, architects and monuments in our historical landscape
Dibden Church, Destruction, Resurrection and Roger Pinckney
Ferries in the days of steam, 1830-1959
Gilpin, a Clergyman of many parts
Health Care Before the NHS
Heywood Sumner (1853-1940)—Artist & Archaeologist: a Forest authority and enthusiast
Local government: how did it come about?
Lymington and the Reform Act of 1832
Lymington’s coal trade and the loss of the S.S. Lymington
Markets and Shops
Our coast and the maritime world
Our first railway – ‘Castleman’s Corkscrew’
Roads and communications
Twenty-five dramatic years – the emergence of the modern New Forest, 1851-1877