Meetings are held at 7.15 pm on the last Friday of the winter months (except December) in the Robert Hole Room of the Lymington Centre.
Visitors are always welcome.

November 24th
Cheryl Butler: Southampton and the Huguenots: The French Church in Southampton celebrates its establishment 450 years ago. Southampton was one of only three places of refuge for the Huguenots. What was their impact on the town?


January 26th
Nick Saunders: The Hampshire Regiment’s Victoria Cross awards in WW1. The history of the Victoria Cross and local awards. Details about the three WW1 Hampshire VCs.

February 23rd
Phoebe Merrick: The Anglo Saxons in Romsey. Romsey was one of the great houses of nuns founded in the 10th C. Looking at the early years of the Nunnery and its environment.

March 23rd ( please note date)
Russ Foster: Wilton House and the Herberts: the arts of survival. The Herberts have been at Wilton in unbroken tenure since 1544. Exploring this family and some of their great art treasurers. (Talk linked to Summer Outing)


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